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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Cottagecore”?

At its heart, cottagecore is an aesthetic. Often dreamy and romanticized farming, but our goal is to make it so much more. We want cottagecore to be more of a lifestyle, where people balance aesthetic, budget, and self sustainability! 

Why “for the working poor”?

We often stress “budget” when trying to start new projects, and that’s because we are “working poor”. Even working full time, it’s hard to afford certain things. While we have to acknowledge our privilege, we want everyone to have access to the same tips and knowledge that we try to use to make things easier in our life. When you’re poor, it’s hard to live a self sufficient life. That’s a fact. 

What’s up with your shipping packaging?

We reuse and recycle! Any package we get at home, or donated to us, we use for our shipping. We encourage you all to do the same! Many of these items can be used a few times before being recycled or thrown away. Our goal is to avoid any ‘one and done’ packaging or products. 


What’s Discord?

Discord is a social media platform used to connect and chat instantly with people from all over! Anyone age 14+ is invited to join! On our discord, we post promotions, sneak peeks at upcoming drops and products, and are building a community around Cottagecore! You can also donate to us via Ko-Fi for some additional server benefits!


How can i apply for the Minority Spotlight?

The link for applications is on our Discord! 


I would like to do a collaboration with you!

Sure! Feel free to send us a message using our CONTACT page!

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