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The Bakers Dozen


The Bakers Dozen

Curated for the bakers and makers out there.

13 items for you and your kitchen that will inspire you to bake a fresh loaf of bread, or a dozen, for you and yours!

All orders come with a complimentary bread recipe!

  1. Bread Cookbook
  2. Bread Machine
  3. Bread Basket
  4. Canister for yeast
  5. Sourdough Starter
  6. Egg Basket
  7. Apron
  8. Bread Warmer
  9. Measuring Cups
  10. Oven Mitts
  11. Cloth Napkins
  12. Bread Loaf Pan
  13. Mixing Bowls
  14. Sourdough Crock
  15. Butter Crock or Butter Holder
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