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Sal’s Cherry Lime Muffin Bread

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I posted these delicious muffin loaves on my instagram, and I had a LOT of requests for the recipe! I made these on the spot with ingredients I already had in my kitchen, so I really had to search my brain to get the words down for all of you! I call this “muffin bread” because essentially it’s muffin mix that I poured into a mini loaf pan, but you can absolutely still use a regular muffin pan! I did not use any sort of lining for these, since my pan was well greased, and I like to live dangerously, but you can feel free to use muffin cups or paper liners if you so choose. Baking is a personal process, and you should always do it your way!

If anyone is curious, this is the pan that i used! 
I’ll also link the coarse sugar that I mention in the notes at the bottom of the recipe… trust me, it’s worth it!
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